I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in the country. Much time during my childhood was spent exploring and making huts on our farm, fishing in the creek, picking field mushrooms and feeding orphaned lambs. We ate fresh fruit and vegetables from my mother’s prolific garden, and home grown meat provided by my father. I grew up with a great love and appreciation of the land, and a sense of connectedness to it.

I was able to raise my children in this way too, and they knew the pleasure of picking and eating sun ripened fruit, the juice dripping from their chin, and eating crisp baby carrots pulled straight from the earth. Along with witnessing the birth of newborn animals and the inevitable ending of lives too, they grew up to understand and value where their food comes from.

A desire to provide safe natural food and healthcare for my family, combined with my love of the land and gardening, was the catalyst which caused me to begin my journey with natural therapies.

In 2000 I began my first formal studies, gaining a grounding in many modalities with herbal medicine becoming a passion. After experiencing amazing personal benefits from Bowen therapy and Reiki healing (I was a severe asthmatic), I was compelled to learn and share the healing benefits with others. I became a qualified Bowtech practitioner in 2006. I regularly undertake ongoing practitioner training, and have recently completed my masters training. This has been followed with a certificate in Homeobotanical therapy, completed in 2012.

My belief that our food supply and diet is crucial to our health and wellbeing has become even stronger in recent years. Therefore, I feel it imperative that I become well qualified to promote my convictions so I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Natural Medicine. I study part time and intend to complete my degree at the end of 2015.

I passionately believe in learning, and sharing knowledge to help educate others so we can improve the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our precious young ones. After all, if we don’t know, how can we improve or change the things we are doing?

My rural property has been developed along natural principles, with large vegetable and herb gardens, productive fruit trees and free range bantam chickens. It is my sanctuary and my pleasure – and sometimes a chore too as there is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been a conscious choice to work from my home environment and in time to offer simple cottage accommodation with optional therapeutic treatments or food/herb talks as required so that others may enjoy relaxation and restoration here too.

Fresh from the garden

A balanced diet

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